Our Associates

Adrian Wooster

Adrian is a broadband strategist with over 20 years experience, with a special focus on Next Generation Access (NGA) broadband strategy, and the future shape of the Internet. With a background in network architecture, Adrian loves nothing better than helping clients formulate or adapt their technical strategy to be different, disruptive(!), and ahead of the curve. He particularly specializes in next generation broadband network architecture and strategy, technical strategy at a time of change, public and private sector advice, international development through technology and internet service strategy.

Alex Jennings

Alex is an established independent consultant who has worked across Europe on a variety of telecoms projects over the past 11 years. She has 17 years’ experience in the industry, starting in 1993 with the implementation of Telewest. Over the years, she has acquired a strong background in the cable, network, regulatory and commercial fields. Having primarily worked independently, she has generally reported to the board level of clients, such as Tiscali, Telewest, Energis and Orange. She has also worked with various start-up cable and internet/VoIP and software companies, including the start-up of Gateshead GT-I. Alex has recently worked on Next Generation Access (NGA) feasibility studies for Birmingham and Manchester, including writing the first NGA open access interconnect agreement in the UK.


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