Broadband gap analysis

We have assisted Durham, Essex and East Sussex Councils to identify and target areas for intervention. In addition, we are assisting numerous District and Borough Councils with their digital strategies.

Telecom Industry Knowledge

Together, the RNS team have over 100 years of industry expertise.

Ofcom Regulatory Knowledge

RNS has specialist staff with knowledge of a uniquely regulated industry with specific criteria. Our consultants hold regular Ofcom meetings on behalf of clients.

Supplier Relationships

Long- term trusted relationships with systems integrators, equipment vendors and telecoms operators provide RNS with an industry insight envied by many.

New Technology Analysis

A fast moving industry with many acronyms, RNS provide clear simple language to cut through this barrier.

Market Awareness of Supplier Offerings

RNS have first-hand knowledge of where the market is moving and who is launching new exciting products. We regularly attend workshops and briefings with the major telecoms carriers and solution providers to ensure that we have cutting-edge knowledge of the market.

Public Services Network

Our Consultants are at the forefront of the PSN agenda. They not only regularly attend the Cabinet Office briefings, but also give briefings on behalf of the Cabinet Office. We have been at the forefront of several PSN business case and shared service agenda projects.

Next Generation Access

With all the above competencies, RNS are ideally situated to advise, recommend and implement the best Next Generation Infrastructure that the customer requires.

Economic Studies

We have undertaken studies for County, District and Borough Councils looking at how broadband connectivity affects business growth. In addition, we have combined enterprise studies with regional spatial plans and other economic indicators to assist in predicting future connectivity bottlenecks within regional infrastructure plans.

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